I had my first Emotional Breakdown after Decluttering my Hoarded House

A few days ago I had my first emotional breakdown after decluttering my hoarded house.  I felt anxious, depressed and felt alone in the world.  I cried hysterically and called a dear friend from church.  She helped comfort me and gave me great advice.  She’s worked with a lot of addicts.   I am her only hoarder. But the patterns and habits are very similar to addictions.  She explained that this was a good thing because I need to learn a new coping mechanism in place of hoarding.  I explain my heart in this video because I want other hoarders to know that they are not alone.  I also want non-hoarders to understand how we struggle.  Together we can find healing in this mental struggle.


2 thoughts on “I had my first Emotional Breakdown after Decluttering my Hoarded House

  1. Rebecka says:

    I hope that when you have had breakdowns like this and feel anxious/sad that you can think about how much you have accomplished in a very short time. It would almost be strange if you didn’t have a backlash. You have done a great amount of work, both physical and emotional. I stumbled upon your Youtube channel this year and I have watched every single video, it feels like cheering a friend who is running a Marathon. I hope you are proud over yourself, you are doing great!

    I know you are a creative and crafty person. Do you have any thoughts about your craft supplies? Is it possible to make a whole craft corner somewhere in the house (basement?) with a table and shelves? Maybe that could be something to look forward to in the future (it could be like a goal/treatment, cheaper than buying new stuff or going on vacation)? 🙂 Lots of love!


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