Spring Sharing Table: Saves Money & Eco Friendly!

I hosted the “Spring Sharing Table” at my mommy’s group last week.  Everyone bring in their outgrown clothes or unused items.  At the end of the meeting,  they get to “shop” for new things that they need!  Almost like a huge clothing swap!  This is so therapeutic to my hoarding because I get to see someone happily receiving something I donated.  Instead of it sitting in my house,  I transfer the joy to someone else and it gets used!  I also get to see other mothers happily bring in their “clutter” so that their homes are more spacious.  After the Sharing Table is done, everything gets donated to charity.  It saves people a lot of money with all the “hands me downs” clothing they bring home.  I also love that it stays out of landfills and is better for our environment.  For more details of the Sharing Table, please click on the video below!



One thought on “Spring Sharing Table: Saves Money & Eco Friendly!

  1. Linda Cook says:

    You are awesome!! I stumbled across your channel and I have so enjoyed going on this journey with you! I am not a hoarder but I do have sentimental attachments to things, so I could relate to your struggle! Seeing you struggle with your son’s decision to donate his “Cars” cars really made me smile! My son loved those cars! (He’s now 19 so he was into them the first time they came out) The only way I could part with them was by boxing them up and sending them to my great-nephew who was about 4 at the time! The joy on his face made it worth it!

    Sorry for rambling on! Can’t wait to see what room you tackle next!


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