Make-Up Palettes, Facial Creams and Empty Boxes, Oh My!

I am digging through my little bathroom so I can have a small room perfectly clean, Whoo Hoo!  As I continue sorting through the other side of the sink, it’s clear that I have some sort of make-up addiction.  All my beautiful make-up palettes full of pigment, sparkle and creative potential is a rush of dopamine to my soul!  It triggers my creativity to create different looks and change the appearance of my face!  But when is it too much make-up and crosses over to an addiction?  When I don’t even know what I have?  When it cannot fit in my bathroom drawers and make-up cases?  As I clean everything up, I have been pairing like with like so I can see exactly how much of it I have.  That why I can make a decision on what to keep and what to toss.  I also noticed that I hold onto empty boxes.  I don’t even know why I do that.  Well, maybe I do for some things.  I like to keep it in the box so it still has that brand new feeling when I use it!  Or if I don’t like it, I keep the box for an easier return to the store.  For whatever reason I attach to it, I hold onto the empty boxes.  But in my video posted right below, I made sure I was tossing them out.  It actually felt pretty good too!



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