One small step for me…one giant leap to beat my hoarding

One small step for me…one giant leap to beat my hoarding!  I decided to work on a smaller space so I could get a quick victory and feel great about it!  I have a very small bathroom that is all to myself.  Since I’m the only girl with 3 boys in the house, this is my girly room!  It has all my make-up, glitter, facial creams, etc.  I started on the left side of the sink and started making categories for each item.  I grouped eyeliner with eyeliner, lip gloss with lip gloss and so forth.  By grouping each item I could see how much I actually owned.  I quickly found out that I have 30+ lip glosses, 50+ eye shadows and 5 sets of eyelashes.  And that is just the countertop! I have not tackled the drawers or the make-up kits stored under the sink!  I really don’t have to go to Sephora or Ulta for a LONG time…lord knows I AM ULTA now!  I have so much brand new make-up it’s really insane for one person to own it all.  A lot of it came from my Ipsy subscription which I recently cancelled.  The products were very nice, but honestly I wasn’t using 75% of them.  I mean, how many make-up bags do I really need?!  So I’m going to sell the brand new make-up kits on those Facebook selling groups in hopes to earn some of that money back.  I will be disciplined and put that cash towards some personal debt.  Baby steps in the right direction to beating my hoarding and building wealth!  One thing I noticed was that I hold onto the original boxes to make-up I’m already using.  Sometimes I kept the box because if I didn’t like it, I could return it.  Another reason was to make the item still have that “new purchased feeling.”  I could think of all kinds of reason to keep the box.  But this time was different, I tossed them all out!!! Victory!  I went through each item until I got to a completely cleaned off sink!!! I wiped it down and will return items back to the countertop as soon as I go through every single item in that little bathroom! I am so proud of myself for taking this journey and getting closer to my goal!!





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