“Be Open To Everything And Attached To Nothing”

“Be open to everything and attached to nothing.”  I heard this quote from a Wayne Dyer video and it really resonated with my heart.  I am keeping an open mind to new ideas and philosophies.  I have been meditating on a daily basis both morning and night.  I find that the more I clear my head, the more I am encouraged to beat my hoarding habits.  I actually desire a more organized home with clean open spaces.  My hoarded items used to make me feel safe and protected but now they are being more of a nuisance.  I am tired of making excuses of why people cannot come over to my house.  I am tried of feeling anxious if someone surprises me at the door.  I’m tired of feeling ashamed of myself for letting it get so bad.  No more.  I am opened to change my heart.  I am open to discover new ways to heal myself of hoarding.  If God, Jesus, Buddha, the Universe, Wayne Dyer, Oprah: if any of their philosophy heals my soul so I can detach myself of these items, I will be opened to their words.  I will remain open to hear the message and see if it resonates with me.  I will be opened to share my story with the world, even though I am afraid to let my deepest secret out!  For if I can help myself and one other person to become free of their hoarding, then my life’s purpose will be fulfilled.

While in my meditative state, I am beginning to realize who I truly am.  I am artistic, I am loving, I am a mother,  I am grateful,  I am my smile,  I am my breathe, I am my laugh, I am my soul.  I need not collect any of those things in the outside world…they already live inside of me.  I am learning to be attached to nothing: my clutter, my paper piles, my clothes.  Those items are not who I am, they are not my DNA!  I will become detached from those items, I can live a life free of all it!  My anxiety will lesson as I learn to separate my stuff from my heart.  I am so much more than a room filled with plastic, fabric and paper!!!  I am a soul who desires to become the best version of myself and I must continue my journey to make sure that I do.

wood light vacation picnic

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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