Decisions, Decisions

As I sort through all the piles of clutter, there is one thing that is slowing me down.  I cannot make quick decisions.  There is a value attached each item:  should I keep it? Should I donate it or sell it?  I might use this random item again, do I take the chance and get rid of it and repurchase it again?  Maybe I should keep it because I don’t want to waste money buying it a second time.  But if I sell it, I can put the money towards my debt!  And maybe I won’t need it again…or better yet I can borrow it!  This is the process my mind goes through while holding a single item.  As you can guess, it’s taking awhile to go through everything.  Sometimes I can make really quick decisions!  Luckily I’m a hoarder who doesn’t keep actual trash and can make a quick decision for that.  But the longer I’ve had the item, the longer and more strenuous the decision process takes.  I need to learn how to make quicker decisions.  My clean up process could go so much faster if I could do this!  I came across a YouTube video that explained the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  It said to make a quick decision within 5 seconds before your brain can register it.  I will try to apply this 5 second rule while sorting through the next clutter pile.  I’m hopeful to see if this helps me and sort through everything at a faster pace!

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