The longer I’ve had the item, the harder it is to let go of it.

I set my new #1 rule to stop new items coming into the house.  The only things coming in are food and necessities.  As I start sorting and making decisions on all my treasures I have accumulated, I noticed somethings were easy to let go than others.  I started to wonder why that was.  Why was random object #1 easier to donate than random object #2?  I tend to hold to everything because I gave the item some sort of value.  The value could be functional, sentimental or emotional.  As I was sorting into my “keep”, “donate” and “trash” bins,  there were certain items I could let go of easily.  Some I felt like I was throwing my heart away if I donated it.  But what value scale was I attaching to them?  How did I subconsciously assign more value to this toy rather than the second toy.  I started to realize that the longer I’ve had the item in my possession, the stronger the attachment I had to it.  The toy that my son had for 3 years had a story it.  I can remember them playing with it, how little they were and their little voices pretending to be Marshall from Paw Patrol.  In my mind,  I created that toy to have the same value of my precious memories of my children being toddlers.  And I could never throw away my memories of that.  The newer toys that they just received were much easier to donate.  They did not play with them yet, so the memory was not created and the attachment to it was not formed.  I then realized…the longer I held an item in my possession, the harder it was for me to let go of it.  Even if my children stopped playing Paw Patrol a year ago because they outgrew it,  it was a struggle to donate it.  It is easier for me to donate the newer toys because I did not let the attachment form.  The memories were never created, so there was no emotional value to it.  I realize how important my #1 rule is to my mental struggles now.  If no new things are coming in, then I don’t form an attachment to it.  I didn’t create value to it therefore it is easier for me to let go of it.  This is a breakthrough for me, this is how I can stop my hoarding from growing and start having the neat tidy house I’ve been dreaming about!

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