Rule #1 to get my hoard under control

I have been meditating and praying on how I could stop this hoarding cycle.  It has become so overwhelming…the large amount of stuff that has accumulated in my house.  The playroom, my laundry room, full basement and double garage has become packed wall to wall.  Somehow over the past 10 years I have filled these rooms to the point that you need “trails” to walk through them.  My remaining rooms in the house are cluttered but still functioning fine.  I can vacuum them, I can clean them and I can cook in them. But I feel if I don’t stop this clutter cycle now…the rest of the rooms will fall into the same hoarded fate as the others.  I turned to God for guidance and direction.   A friend introduced me to Gabby Bernstein and Wayne Dyer on YouTube.  I learned how to meditate and clear my mind to connect to the “Higher Self.”  As I meditated listening to Reiki healing music on YouTube,  the first rule came to me.  It was a pretty simple message but powerful to me nonetheless.

“I need more stuff going out than coming in.”

My first “A-HA moment” finally came to me.  So simple, so easy, so direct.  The flow of stuff that enters into my home quickly exceeds the amount of stuff going out.  To start, I got to build a mental “Hoover Dam” to stop the flow of items coming in.  Most importantly, I need to stop some addictions like shopping, picking up curb treasures and  yard sales.  I decided to do a “No Spend” month where I do not buy anything that is a “want.”  I only pay for bills, gas, groceries and emergencies.  This is also a double bonus because I am doing the Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and this will help me finish Baby Step 2 quicker as well.  During this month I will sort, toss and donate my clutter.  The flow of stuff going out will be greater than the coming in.  I’m looking forward to the end of the month because I am confident I will start to see less boxes, stuff and clutter.  I already have 6 large bags for Goodwill ready to go!

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