30 Day Hoarder Challenge Week 3!

Welcome to Week 3 of the 30 Day Hoarder Challenge!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and a Happy Easter!!  This week was so much better and I felt stronger in the Challenge!  I was able to let go of items each day!  Some items are going to the yard sale and some things got recycled! I felt so confident and strong letting go of items, my anxiety stayed calm and I was able to be successful!  I give more details on this week’s accomplishments in the video posted below!

30 Day Hoarder Challenge Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 30 Day Hoarder Challenge!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  I started out strong letting go of items and feeling great! But between Day 12 and Day 13,  I struggled and had a panic attack.  The Challenge didn’t trigger that panic attack,  it was actually letting go of so many children’s clothes from doing the KonMari Method the previous week.  It was too much at one time and it triggered my anxiety very badly.  I explain my struggle in detail in the video below.  I am learning I need to go through these emotions so I can heal.  I need to learn healthy coping mechanisms to replace the hoarding.  I may fall and stumble…but I get back up at little stronger!

30 Day Hoarder Challenge Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 30 Day Hoarder Challenge!!! If this is your first time seeing the challenge, join in at anytime!  We write a positive affirmation in our journals (ones that we already have!) and let go of one thing each day!  You are free to let go of one, two, three or more items on any given day.  If it’s a great day, let go of 10 if you wish!  The goal is to make decluttering a positive experience for each of us!  The video below has more details if you would like more information about the challenge!

I had my first Emotional Breakdown after Decluttering my Hoarded House

A few days ago I had my first emotional breakdown after decluttering my hoarded house.  I felt anxious, depressed and felt alone in the world.  I cried hysterically and called a dear friend from church.  She helped comfort me and gave me great advice.  She’s worked with a lot of addicts.   I am her only hoarder. But the patterns and habits are very similar to addictions.  She explained that this was a good thing because I need to learn a new coping mechanism in place of hoarding.  I explain my heart in this video because I want other hoarders to know that they are not alone.  I also want non-hoarders to understand how we struggle.  Together we can find healing in this mental struggle.


Spring Sharing Table: Saves Money & Eco Friendly!

I hosted the “Spring Sharing Table” at my mommy’s group last week.  Everyone bring in their outgrown clothes or unused items.  At the end of the meeting,  they get to “shop” for new things that they need!  Almost like a huge clothing swap!  This is so therapeutic to my hoarding because I get to see someone happily receiving something I donated.  Instead of it sitting in my house,  I transfer the joy to someone else and it gets used!  I also get to see other mothers happily bring in their “clutter” so that their homes are more spacious.  After the Sharing Table is done, everything gets donated to charity.  It saves people a lot of money with all the “hands me downs” clothing they bring home.  I also love that it stays out of landfills and is better for our environment.  For more details of the Sharing Table, please click on the video below!